Sterling Grove are delighted to have been appointed as an exclusive recommended partner of Start Your Own Business (SYOB).

SYOB is an excellent resource for anyone planning to start up their own business and we are delighted to support their work in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Hillingdon.

Start Your Own Business is designed to help anyone running their own business or thinking of doing so. Their aim is to increase the chances of success by providing a selection of FREE start-up resources and to highlight the support that is available in each area.

Creating a business start up and owning your own business, doing things your way and not having a boss can bring great joy to you and this state of mind will drive you to do what is necessary for the business to succeed.

BUT – and it’s a big but, there is a lot more to running a business and creating a successful start up that you need to know and factor into your planning when starting out.

The number of small businesses being born is continually evolving and increasing over the years. Which is why, over the past two decades, small business growth in the UK has achieved an average annual rate of 3% and has increased by 72% since 2000.

Unfortunately, 20% of start-up businesses fail in their first year and around 60% will cease trading within their first three years.  So, how do you make sure that your business is one of the successful ones?

Our team of business start-up accountants have an extensive and intuitive knowledge of setting up businesses for success offering advisory services across audit, accounting, business planning, taxation and payroll to new business owners.

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